Choosing Your Entrance Door

Choosing Your Entrance Door

Choosing an Entrance Door

Have you ever thought about your door? Yes, your front door. A new door is an easy, cost-effective way to boost your building’s curb appeal. The right door will pull together your entire front facade and help you make the perfect first impression. Plus, exterior doors aren’t just for aesthetics. A good door will make your building more energy efficient. But how do you choose the right door?


First, Pick a Material


The most important consideration when choosing a door is the material the door is made of, so why not start there? Different mterials have different advantages and disadvantages. Two common contemporary options are steel, and fiberglass.



Steel doors are usually made from a wooden frame with a steel “skin.” The inside of the door contains insulation. Steel doors are ideal for repelling possible invaders. They can be dented, but repairs are easy to achieve. The right steel door can be energy efficient as well. Steel is a cost-effective option, and a new steel door will generally be less expensive than other options. The downside is that steel is not as hard-wearing as fiberglass. Expect to replace a steel door sooner than the fiberglass alternative.



Fiberglass doors are most notable for their nearly infinite variation. Choose a door that mimics wood near-perfectly, but without the cumbersome upkeep that wood requires. No material can compete with fiberglass when it comes to ease of care; Doors regularly last for fifteen to twenty years without needing so much as a touch-up. Fiberglass is not heavy, and a door with a foam core provides insulation. In addition, a fiberglass door is almost as effective at preventing unwanted intruders as a steel door is. In terms of price, fiberglass is more expensive than steel, but less expensive than a wooden door — and that doesn’t even include the necessary maintenance a wood door will require.




Did you know that the right door can pay for itself? The key is choosing a door that is energy efficient, having it professionally installed by an expert, and making smart use of weather stripping. You may be familiar with the ENERGY STAR rating from purchasing other appliances, and doors can be ENERGY STAR rated as well. Both steel and fiberglass doors are available in ENERGY STAR varieties.


Colour Me Beautiful


Once you’ve selected the right material, it’s type to start browsing colours and styles. A discreet, classic door sends one message, while an aggressively modern door can make an entirely different impression. Consider using your door as a fun or interesting focal point for your facade: Choose a bright colour or distinctive style to draw interest and make a strong impression.


The best way to select a door you’ll be happy with for the long term is to work with an expert. SilverLine Exteriors carries a wide range of both fiberglass and steel doors, and their professional staff would be happy to help you make the right selection for your home or business. SilverLine is a one-stop exterior renovation company¬†at Port Coquitlam and serves homes and businesses throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

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