where do vinyl windows come from

Where Do Vinyl Windows Come From?

If you wondered where vinyl windows come from, the world synthesizes…
silverline exterior solutions installing windows with their service car

The Effect of Climate & James Hardie Siding

With the climate changing and extreme weather becoming harsher,…
which siding performs best in harsh weather

Which Siding Performs Best in Harsh Weather

It can be unnerving trying to watch television while a storm…
windows down the ages

Windows Down the Ages Provide New Inspirations

The first windows down the ages were openings providing panoramic…
manufacturer warranties

Non-Prorated, Prorated and Limited Manufacturer Warranties

We stand by the work we do with confidence because we take every…
history of doors

History of Doors Transitioning to Your Home

Front doors admit visitors to the private world of their owners.…
are wooden front doors worth the trouble

Are Wooden Front Doors Worth the Trouble?

A front door should be a cheery smile that welcomes visitors.…
hardie plank

Hardie Board Colour Schemes – The Fundamentals

There are so many different colours on the Hardie palette it’s…
how to fix a sticky wooden door

How to Fix a Sticky Front Door Without a Handyman

Doors and windows on houses age so slowly we usually don’t…
choose a decent siding contractor

Choose a Decent Siding Contractor Here’s How

There are loads of siding contractors in Greater Vancouver to…
Custom Bay & Bow windows installation at Gale Residence 2

Various Types of Vinyl Windows to Consider

We have a number of different types of vinyl windows in our brochure.…
vinyl and aluminum windows

Vinyl and Aluminum Windows – A Comparison

Windows have a huge impact on the appearance of homes, and their…
winter windows

Prepare Your Winter Windows and Doors

During summer it may seem as if winter will never return. And…
installing siding in calgary

What’s Best: Cedar or Fiber Siding?

There’s a certain charm about natural wood no artificial material…
choosing vinyl siding in calgary

Choosing Vinyl Siding What to Consider

Vinyl siding has become an attractive alternative to other materials…
silverline exterior solutions rainscreens installation

Rain Screen Principle of Primary and Secondary Defence

A rain screen, in the context of siding is a double moisture…
Hardie Shingle Boothbay Blue

Traditional Lap Siding Shingles Boards and Battens

Siding, also known as wall cladding is traditionally attached…
Hardie Plank 7 Reveal Siding After Project

Fibre Cement Material Its Origins and Uses

Fibre cement material is a composite of cement and cellulose…
tips to avoid condensation on a window

Tips to Avoid Condensation Happening on Windows

If you notice condensation on your window you may fear a seal…
traditional lap siding makes a warm home

What Types of Low-E Coatings Are There?

All materials absorb, reflect, and admit a certain amount of…
wind whistling time for a new window

The Wind Whistling Through Your Windows

When you’re trying to sleep and the wind whistling through…

Time to Prepare the House for Winter

We may be having a great late summer in Vancouver however the…
weather barrier

Why Weather Barriers Matter so Much

Construction is not an exact science because the materials the…
how to clean vinyl to amuse cats at windows

How to Clean Vinyl Windows and Doors

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC has come a long way since German chemist…
dream collection

Dream Collection by James Hardie – What Colours Work Best?

James Hardee’s incredible dream collection of seven hundred…
colour plus imagine what you could do

James Hardie’s Exciting Colour Plus Technology

James Hardie has been making fibre-cement boards and strips for…
replacing a bottom hardie siding strip with a new one

Replacing a Bottom Hardie Siding Strip

Hardie siding is pretty tough, especially where each strip supports…
vinyl siding

What the U-Value of a Window Means

The u-factor, or u-value of a window describes how much heat…
Third Beach Vancouver British Columbia View

Get $4 Off On Your BC Home and Garden Show Tickets

We’re excited to be an exhibitor at the 43rd annual BC Home…
Gorgeous Set of Windows Installed at Hoskin Residence

4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

4 Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Windows Did you know…
entry door

Choosing Your Entrance Door

Choosing an Entrance Door   Have you ever thought…
Hardie Smooth Panel with Easytrim in Iron Gray

Meet Fiber Cement Siding

Meet Fiber Cement Siding   You've probably heard that…