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Hardie board, also known as fiber cement siding, is the most popular siding choice among homeowners. Made from a combination of cement and cellulose fibers, hardie board siding has the look of traditional cedar siding, but is low maintenance, and highly durable. 

If your house has existing cedar siding, you probably experience some of these issues:

  • Cracking, warping and splitting
  • Pests and birds
  • Repainting every 3-5 years
  • High risk exposure to fire

Hardie board siding can help you eliminate all of the problems above. The composite material is resistance against moisture and rot. Its composition is resistant to any type of natural swelling, splitting, warping, cracking or rotting. For your peace of mind, James Hardie backs up its substrate boards with a 30-year warranty. In addition, because of the cement component within the composition, Hardie board also offers protection against pests, bird pecking, and fire.

Pests and birds are a common issue among homeowners in Vancouver, especially for those who has cedar siding and live close to parks and forests. Hardie board siding can eliminate this problem. As a composite material, hardie board does not attract birds and pests; the cement mixture also makes the material much tougher to penetrate.

Hardie board is a non-combustible material. It will not ignite under fire, nor will it contribute as a fuel. Hardie board’s ability to withstand and protect homes against fire is a competitive advantage cedar and vinyl siding competes with. Because of this, you may also get a discount from your insurance company if you choose to reside your home with Hardie board siding.

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Versatile Architectural Options

Hardie board is a highly versatile siding material. They come in a variety of different styles mimicking almost any pattern and architecture design. They can come in smooth finish, or cedar mill finish. You may use Hardie for a more classic and craftsman style home, or you may use Hardie to achieve a modern and minimalistic look. They can come in 12’ length planks, ranging from 4’’ to 7’’ exposure; or in shingles, straight edged or staggered; or in large 4×8, 4×10 panels to achieve board and batten, or commercial panel style.

Hardie Board and Batten in Arctic White

Hardie Board and Batten in Arctic White

Hardie Straight Edge Shingle in Boothbay Blue

Hardie Shingle Boothbay Blue Installed at Chilko Residence

Hardie 8-1/4 Plank Cedar Mill Iron Gray Finish

Hardie 8-1/4 Plank Cedar Mill Iron Gray Finish

Hardie Smooth Panel with Easytrim in Iron Gray

Hardie Smooth Panel with Easytrim in Iron Gray

ColorPlus® Technology

You may also choose to get primed boards versus Color Plus boards. James Hardie’s Color Plus program offers pre-finished siding with curated color options giving homeowner the benefit of a superior paint finish, and save time and money painting their homes. They use baked-on bond and UV resistant paint achieving a consistent finish throughout, and back up the paint finish with a 15-year warranty. Check out the latest Statement Colors below:

Timber Bark

hardie board siding timber bark

navajo beige

hardie board siding navajo-beige

khaki brown

hardie board siding khaki brown

night gray

hardie board night gray chip

gray slate

hardie board siding gray slate chip

monterey taupe

hardie board siding monterey taupe

iron gray

hardie board siding iron gray

evening blue

hardie board siding evening blue

boothbay blue

boothbay blue

aged pewter

hardie board siding aged pewter chip

arctic white

hardie board siding arctic white

pearl grey

hardie board siding harpearl grey chip

Dream CollectionTM Colors

If you don’t see your favourite color under the Statement collection, James Hardie has launch a custom finish Dream CollectionTM colors. Featuring with more than 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes. This will expand your freedom in your design while getting the best factory finish in the market. Browse the Dream Collection colors here.

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