7 Window Features Designed for Performance

A window is more than what it looks. Find out the technologies we use for our windows.

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1. Even Sightline: Clean and Balanced Design

One of the most visually appealing aspects of our vinyl windows is their even sight line. This design feature ensures that the sash size is the same as the fixed pane, resulting in a uniform look. An even sight line provides a harmonious and balanced appearance, making our windows the perfect choice for any home.

Benefits of an Even Sightline

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home
  • Creates a seamless, uniform look for a polished appearance

2. Double Weatherstripping: Superior Protection

Our vinyl windows are designed with double weatherstripping to offer unmatched protection from the elements. This feature consists of two layers of weatherstripping that effectively seal your windows, preventing drafts, water infiltration, and heat loss.

Benefits of Double Weatherstripping

  • Increased energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills
  • Improved noise reduction and comfort within your home

3. Co-ex Gasket: A Better Glazing Seal for Your Windows

A vital component of our vinyl windows is the co-ex gasket, which provides a superior glazing seal. This innovative gasket creates an airtight seal between the glass and window frame, ensuring optimal insulation and reducing the risk of condensation.

Benefits of Co-ex Gasket

  • Enhanced air seal, contributing to energy efficiency
  • Minimized condensation and moisture build-up

4. Smooth Roller: Effortless Operation and Durability

Our vinyl windows are equipped with smooth rollers that allow for effortless operation. The rollers are designed to reduce friction, ensuring that opening and closing your windows is a breeze. Additionally, the smooth roller system is incredibly durable, making it a long-lasting and reliable choice for your home.

Benefits of Smooth Rollers

  • Easy and seamless operation of your windows
  • Less wear and tear on window track

5. Warm Edge Spacer: Optimizing Thermal Performance

Warm edge spacers are utilized in our vinyl windows to maximize their thermal performance. These spacers are placed between the glass panes to prevent heat transfer and condensation. Warm edge spacers are made from stainless steel, polymer and desiccant materials, ensuring that your windows maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Benefits of Warm Edge Spacers

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and reduced heat loss
  • Lower utility bills due to improved insulation
  • Reduction of condensation and moisture-related issues

6. Multi-Chamber Profile: Strength and Insulation Combined

Our vinyl windows boast a 10-chamber profile that provides exceptional strength and insulation. The 10-chamber design ensures that your windows are robust and resistant to warping, bowing, and cracking. Additionally, the multiple chambers create an insulating barrier that prevents heat transfer, further enhancing your windows’ energy efficiency.

Benefits of a 10-Chamber Profile

  • Improved structural integrity and durability
  • Superior insulation for increased energy efficiency
  • Resistance to common window problems like warping and cracking

7. Inside Glazing: Enhanced Protection and Longevity

Another noteworthy feature of our vinyl windows is their inside glazing. This innovative design element ensures that the window’s glazing is applied from the inside, which means that the intersection between the glass and the frame remains protected from external elements. Inside glazing plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance and durability of our vinyl windows.

Benefits of Inside Glazing

  • Improved protection against harsh weather conditions
  • Reduced exposure of the glazing intersection to the elements, prolonging the lifespan of your windows
  • Enhanced insulation and energy efficiency, as the glazing seal remains intact

Tired of high energy bills, drafty rooms, and outdated window designs? Experience the unbeatable combination of style, performance, and energy efficiency our vinyl windows offer. Reach out to our experts today for a consultation and discover the ideal vinyl window solution tailored to your needs.