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Window Styles

Horizontal Slider

sliding window
Horizontal sliders are SilverLine’s signature design. It is the most popular window style for residential homes in British Columbia. The window design is simple and clean. A removable sash slides horizontally in the roller rail. Our SmoothRoller design allows the slider to maintain a long-lasting smooth operation. The simple, strong and effective composition allows them to be affordable for every household, while offering high end features such as 10 chamber construction and even sightlines, at the same time being a top energy performer!

Vertical Slider

lift up window

Vertical Sliders are an alternative option to the horizontal sliders. The sash is spring-hung onto the frame, which allows the window to be opened vertically. If you have a room where space is limited, vertical sliders are a great choice for narrower openings, and they offer the same high end 11 chamber frame and even sightlines as our high end horizontal sliders.

Combination Slider

combination window

If you are looking for a sophisticated window style for your home, combination sliders are an excellent choice. Combination sliders give out bigger visual impacts while maintaining the option to have openings for fresh air. This versatile style of windows can be combined using vertical sliders, horizontal slides or push-out style windows. This is a truly versatile style that you can design it anyway you like to fit your needs, offering a truly custom look to any window project.